Unilever’s Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre is an organisation that constantly seeks to bring new science to the safety and environmental impact assessment of the ingredients in Unilever products. The toxicology that underpins those assessments is rapidly evolving and this website represents the efforts Unilever and our global scientific partners are taking to progress 21st Century Safety Science


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New Presentation: Redox and Cellular Stress in Relation to Consumer Risk Assessments

Many compounds for which consumer safety risk assessments need to be conducted are not […]

New Publication: A Study of Inter-Individual Variability in the Phase II Metabolism Xenobiotics in Human Skin

Understanding skin metabolism is key to improve in vitro to in vivo extrapolations used […]

New Poster: Evaluating HPC ingredients in WWTPs & surface water of the Songhua Catchment using monitoring & high tier modelling tools

Ingredients commonly used in home and personal care (HPC) products can enter the aquatic […]

New Presentation: Modelling decisions in macroinvertebrate chemical sensitivity modelling

This presentation describes the construction of models predicting the sensitivity of macroinvertebrates to chemicals. […]

New Poster: The Identification of Toxicological Markers in Adverse Outcome Pathway Discovery in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Current regulatory toxicity testing methods have become unsuitable for the thorough assessment of chemicals […]