Unilever’s Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre is an organisation that constantly seeks to bring new science to the safety and environmental impact assessment of the ingredients in Unilever products. The toxicology that underpins those assessments is rapidly evolving and this website represents the efforts Unilever and our global scientific partners are taking to progress 21st Century Safety Science


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New Presentation: Optimising the algal toxicity test towards generation of multi-omics data and adverse outcome pathway discovery

The adverse outcome pathway (AOP) concept represents a framework to organize mechanistic understanding of […]

New Presentation: The Influence of Consumer Behaviour on the Greenhouse Gas and Water Footprints of Showering

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been used as a tool for environmental footprinting of […]

New Poster: Retrofitting an Estrogen Receptor Transactivation Assay with Metabolic Competence using Alginate Immbolization of Metabolic Enzymes (AIME)

The VM7Luc4E2 estrogen receptor (ER) transactivation assay is an OECD approved method (TG 457) […]

New Publication: mRNA transfection retrofits cell-based assays with xenobiotic metabolism

The US EPA’s ToxCast program is designed to assess chemical perturbations of molecular and […]

New Publication: Determination of Protein Haptenation by Chemical Sensitisers within the complexity of the Human Skin Proteome

This paper showcases the utility of stable isotope labelling as a method for determining […]