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New Publication: Flutamide-induced hepatic cell death and mitochondrial dysfunction involves inhibition of Nrf-2 mediated heme oxygenase 1 induction

Flutamide is a widely used nonsteroidal anti-androgen for prostate cancer therapy, but its clinical […]

New Presentation: Understanding biotransformation of slowly cleared chemicals in in-vitro hepatic models

Early prediction of clearance in human is often challenging, in particular for the growing […]

New Presentation: Challenges in Developing systems models for safety decision making

The development of NGRA approaches will require a combination of both in vitro experimental […]

New Publication: High-throughput analysis using non-depletive SPME: challenges and applications to the determination of free and total concentrations in small sample volumes

In vitro high-throughput non-depletive and non destructive determination of concentrations of chemicals in biological […]