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New Presentation: Optimising the algal toxicity test towards generation of multi-omics data and adverse outcome pathway discovery

The adverse outcome pathway (AOP) concept represents a framework to organize mechanistic understanding of […]

New Presentation: The Influence of Consumer Behaviour on the Greenhouse Gas and Water Footprints of Showering

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been used as a tool for environmental footprinting of […]

New Poster: Retrofitting an Estrogen Receptor Transactivation Assay with Metabolic Competence using Alginate Immbolization of Metabolic Enzymes (AIME)

The VM7Luc4E2 estrogen receptor (ER) transactivation assay is an OECD approved method (TG 457) […]

New Publication: mRNA transfection retrofits cell-based assays with xenobiotic metabolism

The US EPA’s ToxCast program is designed to assess chemical perturbations of molecular and […]

New Publication: Determination of Protein Haptenation by Chemical Sensitisers within the complexity of the Human Skin Proteome

This paper showcases the utility of stable isotope labelling as a method for determining […]