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New Presentation: Redox and Cellular Stress in Relation to Consumer Risk Assessments

Many compounds for which consumer safety risk assessments need to be conducted are not […]

New Publication: A Study of Inter-Individual Variability in the Phase II Metabolism Xenobiotics in Human Skin

Understanding skin metabolism is key to improve in vitro to in vivo extrapolations used […]

New Poster: Evaluating HPC ingredients in WWTPs & surface water of the Songhua Catchment using monitoring & high tier modelling tools

Ingredients commonly used in home and personal care (HPC) products can enter the aquatic […]

New Presentation: Modelling decisions in macroinvertebrate chemical sensitivity modelling

This presentation describes the construction of models predicting the sensitivity of macroinvertebrates to chemicals. […]

New Poster: The Identification of Toxicological Markers in Adverse Outcome Pathway Discovery in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Current regulatory toxicity testing methods have become unsuitable for the thorough assessment of chemicals […]