EuroTox 2018


Scientists from Unilever SEAC presented different aspects of our research at the annual Eurotox Congress meeting in Brussels (2nd – 5th September, 2018). Details of oral presentations and posters can be found below.
For full details of the event please visit the EuroTox website.


Next Generation Risk Assessment for consumer safety of cosmetics: A case study approach
Author Carl Westmoreland

Mitochondrial toxicity and oxidative stress: Defining the tipping point between adaptive and adverse effects for consumer safety risk assessment
Author Carl Westmoreland



Computational approaches for predicting Molecular Initiating Events
Author Tim Allen (Post-doc at Cambridge)

High-throughput and non-depletive quantification of chemicals in a 3D liver microtissue in-vitro assay
Author Alex Teixeira

Evaluation of an Intergrated Strategy for Skin Sensitisation Risk Assessment using six ingredients and two cosmetic product types
Author Evita Vandenbossche